The kittens will not be sold before they are 3 months old or , when we decide it is safe to allow the kitty to be away from it's mother and its good health will allow it to be safely sold.
The kittens have basic training , have had a balanced diet - are good natured, have all the necessary shots , etc. and are in EXCELLENT Health!
All the kittens parents, are as well cared for - with shots and are treated for parasites, etc.
Before any kitten is sold; the kitten MAY have , at your expense , all the necessary or required veterinary exams you may deem necessary.
All kittens will have Veterinary passport, genealogical papers, and a DOUBLE signed agreement of sale.
Kittens of PET quality will have Papers after spay / neutering
Kittens sold out of area or country will have State Vet certificate
The buyer will pay all costs of delivery , unless other arrangements are made

Unfortunately , there are no kittens at this time. You may look at the pictures of the kittens from previous Litters.
If you are interested in a High Quality kitten - please, fill out the purchase agreement.

Sincerely ,
Lubov — Super-Aby

The kittens from previous LittersThe purchase agreementThe agreement of sale